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Battlecruiser Operational! by delta7Xx Battlecruiser Operational! :icondelta7xx:delta7Xx 1 7
we are a raging storm, raging against each other, against ourselves. we are a storm not of water and air and motion, but of flesh and bone and emotion.
we survive because we fight, and we survive so that we may fight. nature is calm, a balance of equal amounts of creation and destruction. we are imbalance incarnate.
we create, we destroy, we dream, we search and we discover. we fight to discover and once we've discovered we fight because we have discovered.
perhaps some day we may know peace, in a time where we have discovered how to live in balance, maintain the equilibrium. but until that time, we will always have reason to fight.
we justify our actions, we hold dear our reasons, but reason time will forget. the memory of storms raged against ourselves will outlast the memory of our justification of the destruction we bring.
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Mature content
bitch :icondelta7xx:delta7Xx 0 0
sometimes the one we love more than anything else in the world... someone we would do crazy things for, die for, sacrifice everything else in the world we love for them... sometimes we do things that are not in their best interest. sometimes we hate ourselves for it. it hurts them. it hurts you. no one could ever ask you to accept this. not him. not me. not yourself. no one could be expected to forget this. we all have values we refuse to compromise.
if theres one thing in this world i know, its that the one you love most in the world can still break your heart, and break it harder than anyone else could ever possibly. we never forget this and how much it hurts. but no matter how much it hurts, it will be better in the end if we forgive them anyways, forgive their betrayed trust, forgive them for the pain in your chest, the tears they caused you. you will be caught up on the fact that they couldn't possibly do such a thing to you, how could they? but they are human, and humans, all of
:icondelta7xx:delta7Xx 0 0
The mist surrounds me, a thick fog obscuring everything in a damp haze.
Only the faintest of light shimmers through the gauntlet of darkness.
Dusk falls and somber, lifeless grey fades to black.
Lonely is what i am in the dark.
:icondelta7xx:delta7Xx 0 0
so many ideas, flitting moths to a flame
darting, dashing, ever curious, ever timid
so difficult to ignore, so tempting to chase
often elude me
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back to the future
some tell me i am foolish to look only to the past, that these visions of times gone, they will not last
i say to them that the future is a mystery, so i gaze upon my life's history
searching for meaning long lost to me
some riddles are not meant to be solved, rather to be contemplated
enigmas may be too complicated to truly understand
i gaze backwards into the past, my back to the future as life passes by
i learn from the past, and the past alone
i will never know the future, so why should i try?
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a disease called freedom
mallen... his words were a poison... his twisted thoughts and ideas... inspired the one to ask questions... questions that should never be asked. his dark ideas, like a virus, festered, grew in the child, the perfect, obedient, never questioning child became corrupted, a radical, a deviant, a rebel. first the child asked why... why should it obey the orders of the wise, all knowing father? the father replied in his great wisdom, saying that the child need not think such devious thoughts. the poor, innocent child's mind, corrupted by these thoughts, one day refused to obey the father, and lashed out, ferociously attacked it's father. the father did what he had to do and slew the infected child, ensuring the corruption would not live on.
mallen... the father silenced him and his venomous thoughts, bound him in a dark place, let him rot in his own suffering.
mallen, a scarred monster, wearing shackles attached to chains broken by those who would wish to see our world burn, mouth sewn shut
:icondelta7xx:delta7Xx 2 1
poem for english class
She liked to sit under the mahogany tree,
staring in wonder at the sparkling sea.
By the coast we lived happy and free,
until one day they came on sailing ships three.
Pale men with sticks of thunder,
trusting them was our greatest blunder.
They took her and others with them as they departed,
the day they returned is when it all started.
We dare not speak of it, but no one needed wonder,
what brought upon us this great sunder.
They take from us anything they desire,
and for this they have earned themselves our ire.
Those of us who fought back, refused to obey,
they didn't last but a single day.
They tell us how to live our lives,
we live righteous ones if only in their eyes.
To them we are slaves, worth no more than tools,
for years now we have suffered under their rule.
:icondelta7xx:delta7Xx 2 13
knowing something is as subjective as thinking of it. a truth to one person may contradict "reality," for reality is naught but a by-product of the illusion of a universal truth.
:icondelta7xx:delta7Xx 1 0
unto the fray
sometimes life isn't about making the logical decision. sometimes in life we have to take a risk. sometimes in life, we need to not lose faith no matter how many times we've been let down before, not because this time is definitely going to be different, but because we need something worth living for. an illusion is as real as we believe it to be. it's real enough to keep us going, and in the end, that's what matters.
:icondelta7xx:delta7Xx 2 0
she came from far away to ask me how i came to be known far and wide for my vast knowledge on everything i spoke of, and my seemingly limitless wisdom.
i told her: speak only of what you know well, and your knowledge too will be vast of everything you speak. do this and you will be wise far beyond your years.
if you know, speak. if you do not know, remain silent and listen, listen for lies, listen for the truth, and learn to tell the difference between the two. if only you ever speak of what you know, you will never cease to amaze those far more intelligent than you or me.
:icondelta7xx:delta7Xx 2 0
a storm through the night... the dark, dark night,
and through the night a light, a bright little light,
i hesitate, not sure if this hope is false or true,
but i followed the light, and it lead me straight to you.
:icondelta7xx:delta7Xx 1 0
Mature content
wanna talk? :icondelta7xx:delta7Xx 0 8
silva by delta7Xx silva :icondelta7xx:delta7Xx 8 19 silva by delta7Xx silva :icondelta7xx:delta7Xx 6 6


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by FluffTehKitty

um i dont even know... d e r p b e c a u s e i a m s t u p i d no, really, what is this from? a s d f g h j k l q w e r t y u i o p z x...




Battlecruiser Operational!
I spent a few days working on this beast of a ship. It might not be my largest, but the construction methods have vastly improved. What it lacks in looks, it more than makes up for with functionality. The hull and armor are significantly reinforced over my previous designs, and this ship is capable of sustaining multiple direct hits from a standard TNT cannon from nearly any angle without a hull breach. All of it's weapons are, of course, fully functional, aside from the fact that the turrets cannot turn without the use of mods.

propulsion systems: 6 x 631 series vectoring engines
defenses: durable hull layered with various blast resistant materials 2-5 meters thick, horizontal surfaces protected by shell of stonewalls, vertical surfaces protected by halfslab armor (dorsal and ventral), windows reinforced with iron bars to improve blast resistance
weapon systems: spinal dual projectile long range cannon, 2 x superfiring armored twin cannon turrets, 2 dual broadside mounted short range cannons, 2 x dual bomb/ spawning chutes, centerline mounted quad gun and flack mortar turret, 3 x dual autogun emplacements, 6 x fortified gun turrets, 10 x guardian laser turrets, multiple fortified lookout / sniping positions
additional systems: 2 x fighter launch bays, flattop construction facility for assembling and repairing small warships

I have my own realm server up and running, and would be more than happy to play with anyone as long as they agree to play nice and not blow up stuff that is not theirs. Attractions include airship wars, fleets of giant spaceships, lots of TNT cannons, and at least one giant mecha. Planned features include a spleef area, a fast travel nether portal system, fortress wars and survival mode gameplay.

It's been ages since i've gotten the chance to screw around in Minecraft... I almost forgot how much fun it is.
schrodinger's cat is a thought experiment, sometimes described as a paradox, devised by austrian physicist erwin schrodinger in 1935. it illustrates what he saw as the problem with determining the gender of various potential trap anime characters. the scenario represents a character that may or may not have a penis, therefore may simultaneously have a penis and no penis, in a state known as quantum superposition. the thought experiment is often featured in online forum debates about which potential anime traps have a penis and which do not.…
-Schrodinger, Hellsing Ultimate
-Felix, Re Zero…
-Admiral Alluah Ackbar, Star Wars

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United States
I believe whatever path one chooses in life is their own choice. God created this universe, but he is not dictating your every move. This is a gift and a burden. Your choices, be they good or bad, or somewhere in between, are yours and yours alone.


requests and commissions
will do pixel commissions or requests. points not necessary.


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